Top 5 Yuna Kim programs

Happy Australian National Veterans Day, everybody! Anyways… Part two in my series of top programs posts (This also was really hard) 5. Meditation from Thais, 2010 All That Skate Summer Unlike Mao, I don’t really enjoy Yuna’s exhibition programs, but Meditation is so beautiful and expressive…. 4. Lark Ascending, 2007 World Championships Yes she falls […]

Costumes and leotards: the good

Light blue and white+beautiful flower/spiral thing on sleeve=pretty leotard with both of my favorite colors Simplicity at its finest This dress looks so simple yet so elegantly and intricately detailed. Well done Josee Iamond! Doesn’t she look like an angel floating down from heaven? And the performance fits too… anyway the dress is simple yet […]

Some of my favorites FS edition…

Beautiful, light, airy Mao Asada, complete with 3f+3lo and awesome twizzles and spirals. Perfection. Personality+2a from lutz entry+rippon 2lz+double loop+triple loop+roar of crowd=Midori Ito I wonder why everone talks about Ilia’s FS but not his SP? This is one of the most unique programs ever and his FS bores me. (Maybe it’s just me) Dear […]