Dream teams: Non-top 4 nations

In honor of Giulia Steingruber, Noel van Klaveren, and Jonna Alderteg medaling at Euros, here is my dream team using gymnasts from non-powerhouse teams Henrietta Onodi is probably my favorite gymnast who didn’t compete for USA/USSR/Russia/Romania/China. Her lines and charisma on floor are superb and what a beautiful piked full-in and triple twist! Lilia Podkopayeva […]

Some of my favorites AG edition

I love everything about Olesia’s gymnastics, but this beam routine is amazing with the side aerial+layout stepout+layout stepout, layout 1/1, and flic-flac+flic-flac+triple full off. Aleftina Priahkina reminds me of Midori Ito. Both were short powerhouses with ridiculously high difficulty, both were innovative, and both were fan favorites. It’s too bad that unlike Midori, Aleftina never […]