Dream teams: Non-top 4 nations

In honor of Giulia Steingruber, Noel van Klaveren, and Jonna Alderteg medaling at Euros, here is my dream team using gymnasts from non-powerhouse teams Henrietta Onodi is probably my favorite gymnast who didn’t compete for USA/USSR/Russia/Romania/China. Her lines and charisma on floor are superb and what a beautiful piked full-in and triple twist! Lilia Podkopayeva […]

Dream teams: USSR

Dear everyone who reads my blog: I’m going to be on vacation for the rest of this week, so I won’t be blogging Euros 😦 The Soviet Union. Also known as the deepest, most graceful, and innovative pool of gymnastics from 1972-1992. It’s a shame that Olesia only competed internationally from 1987-1990, she was soooooo […]

Gymnastics dream teams: Romania

Since figure skating is currently monopolizing my blog, I’ve decided to do a post on gymnastics to balance it out. (The idea for this post comes from the amazing zarinaballerina at Maoforum, who wanted me to do something on Romanian gymnastics) If you could take any six Romanian gymnasts and have them compete in a […]