The unpopular opinion post

Quick quiz:

What do Salome, Taj Mahal, The Red Violin, and Tosca have in common?

If you have no idea, you get -10 points

If you said that they’re all pieces of music, you get 0 points

If you said that Michelle Kwan skated to all three pieces, you get 10 points

If you said that these are all popular Michelle programs, you get 15 points

If you said that these are all popular Michelle programs that I do not like, you win!!!!!!

*hides under bed*

Unpopular opinion #2

I do not like Carolina Kostner’s 2010-2013 programs, I think her artistry is faked in them.

*dodges angry mob*


If 2003-2008 Carolina Kostner won a world championship, I would be delighted

So, lspiral presents the top 4 Carolina Kostner programs! (and one step sequence)

5. Dumky Trio, 2007-2008 Grand Prix Final

The only reason I like this program is her intricate step sequence, but that makes up for the other 3.5 minutes of the program

4. Song From a Secret Garden, 2004 World Championships

To me, this is Carolina’s true style, and one she should embrace, instead of mask

3. Papa, Can You Hear Me?, 2003 European Figure Skating Championships

Welcome to 2003… when Carolina Kostner wasn’t the veteran, but a newbie trying the hardest technical program in the world.

2. Sunday, 2005 World Championships

Carolina Kostner the ice princess with huge jumps, part 2

1. Canon in D, 2007 World Championships

And part 3 of Kostner’s natural ice princess+huge jumps style.

Please do something like this for Sochi!

It would make me a fan of you again…


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