Some bad poetry and beautiful skating…

Well this blog is random person being random….

lspiral writes about her dream stalker…


i’m awake
or am i asleep?
she came again, haunting me in slumber
if this was june, july, august
september, october, november
even january, february
i wouldn’t have minded
i even would have enjoyed it
now, however
things have changed
i’m not as lonely anymore
but fate often intervenes at horrid times

the first night:

you came to me in the locker room
in a blue striped shirt and shorts
it was spring
i was with your friend
formerly mine too
when you noticed the two of us
lone shadows against a blue wall
and we had a rather pleasant reunion
you didn’t hate me
when all of a sudden, you fell to the ground
and began having a seizure
i tried to do something
and did
but when they came
it was too late
here lies siobhan ellis
photographer, genius, designer, friend

and then i woke up

the second night:

you came again
a week later
during class
C period social studies
through an announcement by the teacher
ms. green has just been transferred into this class
i also asked to transfer
a different class, pod,
even school
not to disturb you
and then i collapsed onto my desk
and disappeared
or died
and a girl in the next class
said that there was a lot of blood
on the chair

and then i woke up

the third night:

you came again yesterday
in a fashion design class at a university
blond hair, glowing aura
enough to put a spell
on unsuspecting passerby
aka me
i thought i sealed you away
like the the other memories
but when you seal chaos away
it takes over you
i did what i thought was the only logical choice
and fainted
or did i really do it?
falling, waiting, floating

and then i woke up

me again:

why do you haunt me?
i’m sorry for Christmas
and ruining your vacation with my stupid demands
i’m sorry for clinginess, jealousy,
the past,
the future
i’m sorry for things you don’t even know about
what i don’t even know about
for whatever drove you
into my sleep
away from your peaceful world

happy birthday to you

a few days in advance

i won’t annoy you

i promise.

*hides* I know it’s really bad….

Anyways, back to the real point of my post…

lspiral reviews skating!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s feature: Michelle Kwan!

(This was 300000000000000x harder than doing Yuna and Mao, and there is a tie for 5th place…)

5. (Tie) Fields of Gold, 2002 Winter Olympics exhibition


That’s all that needs to be said, and all that should be said

5. (Tie) Dream of Desdemona, 1997 World Championships

It’s a pity that Michelle’s most creative SP conceptually was also the one she skated to in her less than stellar 1996-1997 season…

4. Romanza, 1996 World Championships

I love the sequence of spirals at the beginning and ina bauer. Also, this is the skate which caused me to fall in love with Michelle.

3. Dante’s Prayer, 1998 World Championships Exhibition

Michelle probably is the skater with the best exhibition skates, and Dante’s Prayer is living proof of it.

2. Lyra Angelica, 1998 United States National Figure Skating Championships

Pure beauty on ice.

1. East of Eden, 1998 World Professional Figure Skating Championships

Doesn’t she resemble an angel? And her angelic and passionate skating brings tears and smiles to peoples eyes and hearts… okay I’ll stop there 😛


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