Dream teams: Non-top 4 nations

In honor of Giulia Steingruber, Noel van Klaveren, and Jonna Alderteg medaling at Euros, here is my dream team using gymnasts from non-powerhouse teams

Henrietta Onodi is probably my favorite gymnast who didn’t compete for USA/USSR/Russia/Romania/China. Her lines and charisma on floor are superb and what a beautiful piked full-in and triple twist!

Lilia Podkopayeva is one of the greatest all-around gymnasts in history. While floor is what she is most well-known for, she also had a powerfully balletic beam, a beautiful vault, and a hop-full+hop-full+gienger on bars.

This beam routine is my favorite routine of the year 2012, even defeating all of the Olympic routines. Peng Peng’s attack is amazing and her confidence blew me away (I say that a lot…)

If only she wasn’t injured…. 😦


Complete with the best Silivas ever (IMO), DLO, and attempted quad spin.


Too bad no one remembers this routine and instead focuses on her age…

How I got into Emilie LePennec’s gymnastics:

1. person: the 2001-2004 code sucked, it was too easy to get a ten start value, Emilie’s routine only had 3 difficult skills….
2. me (having heard of LePennec’s def) WTF? *goes to youtube and searches her*
3. after watching routine: O_O (and still WTF to the blogger)
4. randomly decides to watch her floor routine: she has a really unique style, too bad about the fall…


Team finals lineup (6-3-3)

VT: Murakami, Onodi, Podkopayeva (okish DTY, great FTY, and awesome half-on, piked-half off)
UB: Lee, LePennec, Kim (O_O)
BB: Podkopayeva, Onodi, Lee (balletic power+innovation+confident attack)
FX: Podkopayeva, Onodi, Murakami (AWESOME)


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