Dream teams: USSR

Dear everyone who reads my blog: I’m going to be on vacation for the rest of this week, so I won’t be blogging Euros 😦

The Soviet Union. Also known as the deepest, most graceful, and innovative pool of gymnastics from 1972-1992.

It’s a shame that Olesia only competed internationally from 1987-1990, she was soooooo ahead of her time, competing a beam routine (not this one) with a D-score of 6.4 now in 1990.

Known as one of the greatest dancers in the history of gymnastics, Oksana’s signature birdie exercise was the first gymnastics routine I watched from before 2008. Her dance and artistry blew me away.

One of the greatest innovators in the history of gymnastics, Aleftina was too inconsistent to make it onto the world team at any point during her career and was unable to get any of her original skill named after her. (Like her double-twisting double back and gainer rulfova)

Dear The Couch Gymnast,

Thank you for introducing me to this amazing obscure soviet gymnast. If only she had competed for another country…


Maria’s routine is the epitome of Soviet balletic grace. In fact, when I first saw her, I thought “She really could’ve been an amazing ballerina”

Spanish flair at its finest, and complete with a beautiful double-twisting double back and leotard.

Team finals lineup:

VT: Omelianchik, Priahkina, Dudnik (1 original vault and 2 DTYs)
UB: Dudnik, Schennikova, Filatova (Dudnik’s arabian mount+Schennikova’s hindorrf+Filatova’s exciting routine=:))
BB: Groshkova, Priahkina, Dudnik (with routines still competitive 20 years later)
FX: Groshkova, Filatova, Omelianchik (Soviet dance and performance ability at its finest :D)

I case you haven’t guessed, my favorite events are beam and floor…


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