Dream Team: China

Part two in a series of dream teams (European championships post coming soon!)

Since discovering that no one in China reads my blog, I feel like doing a dream team to (hopefully) expand viewership (a bit famewhoreish?)

The 1997 beam gold medalist in my head, Kui was so ahead of her time, competing a layout-stepout mount, amazing layout 1/1, and a whip+double layout on floor.

And dear NBC, her specialty is BEAM, not floor.


Cheng is quite a nice contrast to the typical Chinese gymnast, with her strengths being vault and floor with powerful tumbling (like her Cheng and Amanar vaults, and Silivas on floor) However, she also had a lot of grace and performance ability.

Flexibility. Innovation. Grace. That is the equation that makes Li Li an amazing gymnast.

Perhaps one of China’s best all-around gymnasts, it’s a shame that Zhou Duan disappeared from the ranks of elite gymnastics after 1997. Apart from her bars, she also won the silver medal on vault at the 1997 world championships, had a beam with a layout stepout mount, barani, and switch-leap+rufova, and a beautifully performed floor.

Before the olympics, I decided to watch the routines of the three all around medalists at 2011 worlds. And Yao Jinnan’s energetic floor exercise caused me to fall in love with her gymnastics. 😀

If only she wasn’t injured…

Her form is perfection (go watch her vault in team finals). And her dismount is really unique; I wish more gymnasts now would compete it.

Team finals lineup (6-3-3)

VT: Yang, Yao, Cheng (AMAZING front layout half and Amanar, and one DTY)
UB: Yao, Li, Zhou (All three have unique skills on this event; the gaylord 2 for Zhou, stalder shaposhnikova 1/2 for Yao, and tkachev out of pike support? for Li)
BB: Yang, Li, Kui (Beautiful form and innovative routines from all 3 <3)
FX: Yao, Zhou, Cheng (All three have beautiful artistry, difficult tumbling, and awesome choreography (IMO))

Comment your dream teams below!


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