WTT 2013-Men FS

It’s raining buckets where I live, so the perfect way to brighten up today is by watching some figure skating 😀 (sorry gymnastics, I promise you I’ll post just as much about Europeans next week)

Let’s start with the men’s freeskate.

(Again, all I know about the event is Konstantin Menshov withdrew and is in the hospital :(Feel better!)

That was amazing. Apart from the jump errors, what a beautiful and quietly passionate skate!

What happens when Patrick Chan wins anything: (borrowed from my post on YNKF)

2008- early 2010: Patrick wins competition. People: He needs a quad, the system sucks, he isn’t manly, I hate his comments on quads, lower -GOE for quads, quadquadquadquadquadquad…

late 2010-early 2012: Patrick wins competition with 4t. People: OVERSCORED!!!!!!!!, his artistry sucks, he needs better programs, he can’t fall 2x/3x/4x and still win…

late 2012-now: Patrick wins competition with 4t and great programs. People: CHANINFLATION!!!!!!, fall deduction should be higher, SS is overrated, GO BACK TO 6.0!!!!!!!, this is why the sport is dead, his PCS is inflated…

That fall at the end was really weird

(Judging from the fact that his youtube likes meter is 2:4 in favor of the dislikes, and the first comment claims his PCS is inflated, I’ll assume he won over someone who was clean)


The program was a nice jumpfest, but apart from the jumps and performance, it was rather meh…

I can’t believe I’m saying this about Dai and not someone like Florent Amodio…

Dear Takahito Mura,

I’m sorry for being a little harsh on you during the SP. The music suits you very well in this program and your jumps are huge. Just get more programs like this and I’ll become a fan, ok?


Han Yan reminds me of Chan. Jumps, SS, style-it’s all there within his skating. (I hope he doesn’t also have the tendency to fall a lot)

I like the music.

His skating? Meh?


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