Gymnastics dream teams: Romania

Since figure skating is currently monopolizing my blog, I’ve decided to do a post on gymnastics to balance it out.

(The idea for this post comes from the amazing zarinaballerina at Maoforum, who wanted me to do something on Romanian gymnastics)

If you could take any six Romanian gymnasts and have them compete in a team competition, who would you choose?

My choices:

This almost goes without saying, Nadia is the most influential Romanian gymnast, the 1st gymnast to get a perfect 10, a beautiful bars, beam and floor worker-how can you not love her?

Aurelia Dobre is my favorite Romanian gymnast ever. Her artistry and technique is stunning and she has “it” which draws you into her and won’t let you leave.

This is my favorite floor routine in a nation bursting to the brim with awesome floor workers. Camelia Voinea manages to combine hip-hop, breakdancing, and a DLO+punchfront into one creative and amazing routine

Also known as the person who got zarinaballerina into gymnastics.

Try to watch this routine without smiling. You will inevitably fail

Silivas, Dobre, Voinea. The best ladies floor lineup ever, and all three of the gymnasts are on my top 10 list of favorite Romanians

To people wondering why everyone in the gymternet likes Pitic,

Go on youtube. Search for the Secrets of Deva, a documentary about her.


Then you’ll understand

(And her gymnastics is really, really, pretty)


The team final lineup (6-3-3):

VT: Haidu, Dobre, Milosovici (one DTY and two beautiful FTYs)
UB: Dobre, Silivas, Comaneci (Beautiful and interesting work from all 3)
BB: Dobre, Haidu, Comaneci (Haidu’s beautiful mount+Comaneci’s floatiness+Dobre’s precision=an amazing beam lineup <3)
FX: Milosovici, Dobre, Voinea (It was so hard to chose between Silivas and Milosovici for the floor lead-off, but I like Milosovici's routine a little better-sorry Silivas fans)

What do you think? Comment your dream teams below!

(I will do dream teams for USA/USSR/Russia/China later)


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