WTT: Ladies SP

Time for my favorite event!

(Again, all I know about scores or results is Adelina won and Mao finished 5th :()

πŸ™‚ Shame about the fall on the 3t though. And I miss the original version of this program with an IB+rippon 3lz, 2a in the second half, and illusion camel…

YAY ADELINA!!!! I prefer Liza to her, but you can’t deny how amazing she is when she is on!

Way to rebound from WC 2013 Akko! This program has grown on me and I love the hydroblade at 1:09 πŸ˜€

I prefer Ashley Wagner’s Red Violin to Michelle Kwan’s

There, I said it.

*ducks tomatoes from fellow Kwan-fans/ubers*

Oh Liza… 😦

Nice besti squat? into 2a though

And Mao… 😦

That fall on the 3a looked really painful…

Nice energy from Mae, and I love her music.

Pairs, dance, and FS recaps coming soon!


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