WTT 2013: Ice Dance

Perks of being stuck at home: you can watch all of WTT and no one complains

(Again, all I know of results is that Chock and Bates won)

1. I wish Davis and White were here
2. Madison is a little over the top in the beginning
3. I still prefer the Shibs to them….
4. Sorry C/B…

😀 I love W/P’s performance ability and wish they could’ve capitalized more on their 4th at worlds last year… stupid injuries…

Did all of the teams send their B and C level dancers to WTT? I like M/K, but I wish B/S were here, complete with awesome FD

😀 See above for more comments (I do like C/J more than M/K)

I’m tired. This competition would be about 10x more exciting if D/W, V/M, B/S, and P/B were here…


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