Costumes and leotards: the good

Light blue and white+beautiful flower/spiral thing on sleeve=pretty leotard with both of my favorite colors

Simplicity at its finest

This dress looks so simple yet so elegantly and intricately detailed. Well done Josee Iamond!

Doesn’t she look like an angel floating down from heaven? And the performance fits too… anyway the dress is simple yet beautiful and so is the skate and Michelle is amazing

Dear Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin:

This is how you should do a non-European themed folk dance and costumes (and become a youtube hit)


I actually like these costumes, as they really fit the theme of the dance well and aren’t over-dramatic

Simplicity at its finest, part 2. (I really like simple costumes, as you can see)

I don’t really like that many men’s costumes, that’s why there aren’t any in the post (Sorry)


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