Some of my favorites AG edition

I love everything about Olesia’s gymnastics, but this beam routine is amazing with the side aerial+layout stepout+layout stepout, layout 1/1, and flic-flac+flic-flac+triple full off.

Aleftina Priahkina reminds me of Midori Ito. Both were short powerhouses with ridiculously high difficulty, both were innovative, and both were fan favorites. It’s too bad that unlike Midori, Aleftina never got her moment of world glory.

Flexibility+Floatiness+the backspin=amazed and happy me

If you’re not smiling at the end of this routine, you have no soul.

This was the 1st piece of gymnastics that I saw outside of the Olympics. Aliya’s presence and grace amazed me. My love for gymnastics had begun.

I don’t care if she was 3 when she did this. The speed, sureness, 1.5 pirouette to Jaeger to bail, and Tkachev to Counter-Kim left me staring at the screen with my mouth open for about 30 seconds.

This routine is amazingly speedy and assured. Plus, Beth’s longevity is amazing

See above for comments. (Front flip with half twist over HB, Geinger+Pak, beautiful Tkachev and double layout…)







Best Amanar ever.


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